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I live vicariously through my characters. I cry when they cry. I laugh when they laugh - Lamar L. Walker Many don't think of the men and women behind bars, much less believe they are contributing to society. There are many bright and talented individuals behind those...

From Prison to the Music Industry

Designed Conviction LLC, a social enterprise, is dedicated to bridging the gap between the incarcerated and society while providing a platform for positivity and productivity to flourish. With a mission to unlock the talents of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated...

Jim Fussell and Domino Deeds

It was 2 years ago, when our magazine was barely new that we receive correspondence from a very peculiar old man (he will probably laugh of this lol) wrote us inspired by our magazine. As you may be aware, we donate a considerable amount of magazines every issue and...

Turning a negative into a positive

The distance between dreams and reality. It's action. Now think about that, the distance between dreams and reality, Is action. There are generally two types of people in this world: Pessimist and optimist. A pessimistic point of view is one who is inclined to take...

We have a Dream

Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr, by Cecilia Conley We are happy to be part of this movement that will go down in history as the movement that recognized incarcerated individuals as people and broke through paradigms and old traditions. The movement that is pushing...

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We are bringing hope into prison through Designed Conviction The Magazine, capturing stories of individuals having success upon their release. As well as people that are making a positive impact while currently still incarcerated, displaying, beautiful works of art from inside and offering the opportunity to bring ideas to life and get exposure for positive works.

Copper Caddy

Jerry Logan's world famous #CopperCaddy song presented by: #DesignedConviction Entertainment. Jerry has been a dedicated sponsor of Designed Conviction since the beginning. We hope you like this song about his 1960 Cadillac inlaid with copper, which was built on the TV show


On September 3rd, 1997, Antwann Johnson was arrested, questioned, then charged with 1st Degree Murder through an unjust system, and sentenced to Life without Parole for something he didn’t do.