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Designed Conviction

Art for a Cause

From Incarceration to Opportunity: One Purchase Can Change a Life and Provide Hope for Second Chances

Your Purchase Can Make a Difference in the Lives of Incarcerated Individuals and their Families.

Salvador Molina

Hello My name is Salvador Molina Rivera; I am a Puerto Rican 47 years old and enjoy drawing everything I got my heart and mind. I am serving 23 to life.  My way of expressing myself through artwork is the only way I feel connected with the future. I also love to...

Paul Thorsteinson

My name is Paul Thorsteinson. I started as a street artist, but over the years I have come to specialize in wooden architecture and acrylic painting. While they are two of my favorite loves, I have a passion for all styles and mediums: writing, poetry, watercolor,...

Juan Ramirez

Hello! I hope all is well with you and your loved ones as you come upon my profile. I’m posting this in hopes of finding a friend who enjoys writing and is willing to talk about life on the other side of these walls. Someone who is sweet, nice, loyal and is awesome....

Lindsay Haugen

When certain lines are crossed, we tend to become defined - and even define ourselves - by the worst decisions of our lives. During the first years of my incarceration, I felt as though the crime I had committed was tattooed in red across my forehead; everyone knew...

Micah Matthews

I understand we never met before, so at this moment I’m a stranger. All I ask is to become a friend in your life and to protect you from boredom. You may be asking yourself, could he really be a friend, could I, should I, give him a chance in my life, or will he hurt...

David Espitia Sanchez

Art Changes Lives you can contact me at David Espitia Sanchez 316185 SCCC H2-48-u 191 Constantine Way Aberdeen WA, 98520

Ryan Hanson

As both author and artist, Ryan’s passion is to inspire & assist all those who seek to achieve their highest potential. If you are of a similar mindset & are genuinely about taking on & solving some of the greatest issues of our time .

Clayton McCormick

I’ve known since I was little that I had set myself apart from others with my imagination and artistic skills. I like finding things that challenge me and then mastering them, usually in the aspect of art. I

Rodger Demetrius Conant

Hello, My name is Rodger. I’m a sociable and outgoing but shy person. Most people say that I’m funny and have a kind heart. My friends tell me I’m a very selfless humble person who would help anyone. I like to learn new things, go on adventures, take risks, and do...

Lawrence Perdue

Everybody has something special within them, if only we would stop and take the time to discover it. Then you have something to share with the world

Designed Conviction

We must always treat everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of their past mistakes. By supporting those impacted by incarceration, we affirm their value as human beings and protect their human rights. This isn’t about approving their actions but providing unwavering support for their journey towards a brighter future. 

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