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Things you may not know of the editor, Taylor Tom

“Riding back from the courthouse in the patty wagon, shackled and chained, having just been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, I wouldn’t have dreamed of becoming the man I am today.” – Taylor Tom, The Convicted Entrepreneur.   Taylor Tom was...

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Thank you Designed Conviction by Darrell Sharpe (Massachusetts)

Deep into the dreadful confines of our unfortunate predicament- where our existence fades out of sight, mind, heart and emotions of others, You (DC) remember us and reach out to us in friendship solidarity, with humanity, and real kindness, “ Thank You” (DC) you’ve...

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Finding Purpose or Giving Back by Jessie Milo (California)

Many of us serving a life sentence, committed our crimes when we were young, well before we were able to appreciate life or the consequences of choices. One of the first things I had to learn 20 years ago when I came to prison was “how do I LIVE, while sentenced to...

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Poem by Jason W. Gregory (Virginia)

If the individual were a ship,Emotions the choppy Sea,Principles could be your rudder,Truly guiding Thee.Self-control could steer you Home,Discipline keeps you free,Strength and Courage at the wheel,Persevering righteously.So as you stand before the mast,With Pride...

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When Angels Fly by Brandon Tran (Texas)

Lord, I come to you as you are my good shepherd and I'm your sheep they say when you lose you weep, but I'm yours to keep. You gave me strength when I'm weak and gave me courage with the heart to speak. And to speak about our love it's so deep I love you so much that...

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Work Ethic by Michael Bankert (New Mexico)

Being lazy is not an idle endeavor. Commitment is mandatory. Effort and firm intent toward achieving this desirous goal demand a willingness to forego distractions such as ambition and fortitude. It is imperative that strenuous labor—actual work or exercise be...

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Inmate Lives Matter by Esmael Villasana (Texas)

Some voted for Trump. Some voted for Biden. If I told you prison makes people better, I would be lying. The incarcerated are not the only ones in prison. Our families, our friends, and victims are also doing a prison sentences. We learn to forgive and ask for...

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Rage by Denver (Michigan)

The word rage is a derivative from the Latin "rabia" or "rabit." It means furious uncontrolled anger. Ironically, add the prefix "cor," which is a derivative for heart, and you get courage which means fearlessness. Courage is an antonym for rage. This writing is about...

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Tough Love by Brian Fuller (Texas)

It is with a heavy heart I am forced to write this. The virus has returned with a vengeance. Our lives are been jeopardized the malice and negligence of others.  We've all been through this before. Except for this time, the feeling is not that warm fuzzy deja-vu one...

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