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Free Taylor

Taylor is serving LWOP since the age of 20 he is rehabilitated, we ask for a release date. Sign this Petition What is this petition about? by Taylor Conley Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support. I have some news I would like to share with you. My...

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Free Antwann

Fight for Antwann Johnson: An Innocent Man serving Life without Parole Sign this Petition On September 3rd, 1997, Antwann Johnson was arrested, questioned, then charged with 1st Degree Murder through an unjust system, and sentenced to Life without Parole for something...

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Free Jim Fussell

YOU DECIDE MY FATE. THE OPPORTUNITY FOR A TRUE SECOND CHANCE. Sign the Petition A petition from James Fussell, Jr. A154-973, to the Ohio Parole Board, & those forgiving individuals in society who believe in second chances, a plea, to support this petition. Second...

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Free Tekur

Fight for Tékur Andessa, serving 109 years for armed robberies Sign Petition Now Jamie Lamont Miles, now Tekur Andessa, didn't shoot anybody, didn't kill nor did rape, didn't even scratch anybody. His armed robberies only included: The presence of a firearm.A demand...

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Letter from the Editor

Hello and welcome friends and family. Thank you for joining us in another edition of Designed Conviction the Magazine. This is a milestone for our 12th quarterly issue, making it three years and running. Thank you so much for all our loyal readers and subscribers. If...

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The Things We Say

by Richard Thomas Watkins I sit daily In my little part of this world and listen to those around me who talk… and talk… and talk. . . and never say anything of substance. They share “war stories” with others of who they once were; they have no concept of what it means...

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