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Tired of COVID 19? Imagine One day in Prison, then multiple it for 7000

One day in prison… so COVID-19, a pandemic. Or life as changed. Hopefully not forever. I honestly am sure that I am not the only person who wonders when life is going to be normal again.
And like you, and everybody, I feel restricted. I have been at home most of my time, basically home for four or five months now. And it started to be a little bit annoying and frustrating. I used to travel every week. Now. I am basically here at home, seeing the same walls. Thankfully, I have some good neighbors, but other than that, I, I, I wonder how I’m surviving this.
I hadn’t been able to visit Taylor, so yes, my life and your life have suffered. Something you live. Our lives are not the same as before; now, we are being restricted for the sake of everybody’s health. Because at this point, we’re not even sure how bad COVID-19 is, and there are repercussions, also if you survive what happens, after, the fact, if it is going to be a chronic situation or whatever.
Anyways. If You feel restricted, and if you think that you cannot handle this anymore?
My question is going to be, can you imagine what it would be for you to spend one day in prison? I heard a challenge, and I challenge you. If you want, if you want or your wish, you don’t have to do it, I challenge you as my husband says, spend one day in your bathroom.
Yes, I know it sounds weird.
But the cells of these men and women are tiny. Most of them with a bedroom, sometimes not, or just a sink. And you have to live with somebody else that you may not even want to deal with. And it’s a tiny bed, very uncomfortable. Imagine even just one day in there, then multiply for a least 7 thousand more?
As that’s not even 20 years.
So my question is what I expect everybody to take out of this pandemic is when is enough, enough?, one day in prison, I’m sure that it would be very traumatic for me. Just one day, 20 years in more than 7,000 days. When the Incarceration objective switched from rehabilitation to punishment?.
I know criminals these people. Oh, they’re terrible. They did horrible things. But Most of them were victims of society, or culture, or over the situation, or the background, or their five, or drugs, mental issues, addictions, etcetera. Most of them have rehabilitated themselves and being the best version of themselves.
Crime is not declining. Crime is the same or even more than before, considering that we are incarcerating more people. So the fact that we’re incarcerating more people for a longer time is not reducing crime in our streets. So then it’s a question that I will commend anybody to answer. Why are we spending so much money on incarcerating into housing people in a warehouse?
without rehabilitation,
And then leaving them there forever? Prison reform, it’s important to clarify that prison reform is not about letting everybody out, it is about giving them a chance to earn the opportunity to be out.
To allow people who are doing good things to come out, maybe in a parole situation, like a probation situation, and use what they have learned to prevent more crime. Just imagine what a difference.
These kids, teenagers, juveniles that are now adults, these people know about life. They understand the situation, have been there, and they are the right people, that right counselor for our younger generation.
Think about that. And then remember and realize that right now COVID-19 is affecting everybody, but it’s worse in prison. Yes. Because they live in small little places where there’s, there’s not really good hygiene they don’t clean the stuff really often.
And if, of course, it’s a complicated situation because you know, indoors with a bunch of people is not a good idea. So. Having said all that, let’s take the opportunity of Coronavirus to support Prison reform. Let’s contact or legislator, the contact or mayors or prosecutors, even prosecutors and say, Hey, you know, let’s think about this. Let’s take care of our victims, but let’s also take care of the ones left behind. The ones that are incarcerated were once the kids that didn’t have a father figure or have a mother that was addicted to crack or many other situations. Please think about that.
And let’s take them out there, let’s put them in a situation where they can actually contribute to society. At Designed Conviction, we have a bunch of these people already in there, their lives, their stories are very inspiring every day that I read one of their stories. Not only the wrongly convicted or the innocent, but also the people that actually committed the crime.
I read what they are doing, I learn how they’re feeling about what happened and what they’re doing about it… and the only thing I can say is I respect them, I owe them the fight for them. So help me to fight for them. Please share this blog, leave a comment, subscribe, and thank you for coming today.

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