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How Trelise Baker is helping Formerly Incarcerated Women

Many women and men in this country are trapped in the never-ending cycle of the American justice system. Like my husband Taylor Conley, many of them started their criminal “career” at a young age, with a juvenile system that failed them—preventing them from breaking the cycle. I am very excited today because this time we are focusing on incarcerated women.

Trelise Baker knows this well, and it took her years to break the cycle herself. It took courage, determination, and discipline. Today she is a woman that, with the help of an extraordinarily strong support system, reinvented herself and broke the cycle. She is not only an entrepreneur, but she is also the founder of 2nd Chance Living PMI Inc, established on December 29, 2018, as a non-profit organization.

A non-profit focused on formerly incarcerated women of New Orleans, with a vision to reduce recidivism rates, to break the cycle. This program walks them through the process and moves them closer to reintegrating into society. You can find more about this program here:

One of the most exciting facts about their program is that they help these women get internships on a career path of their choice, matching them with business or non-profits. If you have a business or non-profit and are looking for an intern, please consider Follow them on Facebook Instagram and Twitter @2ndchancepmi visit our website Donate Now by texting 2NDCHANCEPMI to 44-321

Finally, celebrating the men and women that have broken the cycle, this week featured artwork is “Breaking the Cycle” by Donald Simpson, who is a featured incarcerated artist. Please visit to find out more about our incarcerated artists. 

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