Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Dushaan Gillum 

Incarcerated Artist


My name is Dushaan.

I am from Honolulu, I am 38 and I am doing an 80 year sentence in Texas.

Writing is my refuge. I have just completed three years in segregation where I wrote a book of poems about the life, love and loss. I am a conscious thinker, environmentalist, progressive who loves humans of all hues. If you would like to write me I would love to write you. I have just gotten over Covid 19 and that experience help me to understand how fragile life is and how I have no control of what happens to me in here.

Help me write my words into the sands of life while my feet are still leaving prints on the earth.


Dushaan Gillum #1256533

Wynne Unit 810

F.M. 2821

Huntsville, Tx 77349

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