Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise


Incarcerated Artist


Dear followers,

            I want to take the time out as you did, reading and engaging amongst us incarcerated and thanks to you all first and foremost; you are appreciated.

            “We all have a story but not all know how to express”…”but it all starts within”. I found a passion in drawing and writing as a kid, but 3 years in my sentence I found tranquility by writing poetry. It helps me as I fight to gain back my innocence and my spot back in society. Experience inspires my way of expressing and it creates a voice to be heard. So some of my work tells a story.

            However, Designed is the first to experience and publish my poetry. I was in issue six. I have over 300 written poems and counting so I pray you all enjoy what I put my soul into. And as I indulge more into this journey and deeper into my art I hope success is found for all of us and my messages be acknowledged.

            Don’t let curiosity get the best of you; if you enjoy my poetry or want to learn more get in touch. Don’t be afraid of new heights or just let one of God’s.

David Robinson Jr. #1716864 

2665 Prison Rd. 1, Lovelady, TX 75851 


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