Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

William Malicoat

I am an artist who isn’t afraid to take chances on your visions, ideas or creative thoughts, and apply it to a canvas. Every piece created is original, crafted with highly pigmented acrylic paint on canvas. My goal is to afford a quality painting keeping a subtle balance between two worlds, realistic and impressionistic. 

I, like many, was inspired by the old curly haired man we watched on TV, Bob Ross. Intrigued how he could take his scraper and brushes and right before your eyes create an amazing work of art with happy little trees he would say. 

Being an animal lover, I began with wildlife and peoples pets, traditional portrait and modern portrait styles, recently taking on people, black and white and color. Taking peoples ideas and building a custom painting to their vision is somewhat daunting but also intriguing to take on such a challenge.

Whether it is for your home, office or a gift for a loved one, give me a chance to create something for you within your budget, series paintings are also available upon request.

William Malicoat 851494, SCCC, 191 Constantine Way, Aberdeen, WA 98520