Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Taylor Tom Conley

My life changed forever at age 20, as I was arrested and faced murder charges. I was in disbelief.

Fast forward a couple of years, riding back from the courthouse in the patty wagon, shackled and chained, having just been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, I wouldn’t have dreamed of becoming the man I am today.

But as the saying goes, Mr. Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” Well, I think more like “Life is like a box of rocks.” Now what you do with them is what defines you. Will you let them hold you down in misery? You know they love company.

Throw them, collect them, leave them lying around, or do something with them. Make carvings, and turn your life into a work of art. Though hard and rough around the edges, you can become smooth and polished.