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Salvador Molina


My name is Salvador Molina Rivera; I am a Puerto Rican 47 years old and enjoy drawing everything I got my heart and mind. I am serving 23 to life. 

My way of expressing myself through artwork is the only way I feel connected with the future. I also love to draw beach scenes before it reminds me of P.R. 

I use it for drawing stack paper, ink pen, and multiple colors. Color pencils, highlighters of multiple colors, and pencil  4b to sketch with a regular eraser. Pencil sharpener. 

I have a lot of artwork, I always draw from my mind, with no patterns or copies. All original. I haven’t been drawing for the last year or two but I am hoping to get back at it soon. 

Whoever wants to know more about my artwork or me can reach me at

Salvado Molina Rivera A378466



Marion Ohio 43301

You can also find me on