Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Rashaud  Washington

First of I want to say God bless to all & the Designed Conviction company. I am a 27-year young but old man. I’ve recently been exploring my drawing talent. I have various of different skill when It comes to shading, lettering, portraits, landscape, architecture, blueprints (coming soon), “still life, I have a passion for art I hope you all enjoy my gift to yall I am willing to enter any contest yall have and I am interested I any news updates or breakthrough or outlets to help me with my time of conviction.

I am currently serving a 12-year sentence with having to do 10 years mandatory I’ve served 6 ears so far and have a future for only lucrative ideas in here. I want more in life I want to reach my pinnacle in Art.

Rashaud  Washington 462420E

Northern State Prison, PO BOX 2300, Neward, NJ 07114