Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Paul Thorsteinson

My name is Paul Thorsteinson. I started as a street artist, but over the years I have come to specialize in wooden architecture and acrylic painting. While they are two of my favorite loves, I have a passion for all styles and mediums: writing, poetry, watercolor, sculpture, metalwork, painting, you name it, I express it.
I try and remain dynamic and diverse when incorporating myriads of techniques to create a mosaic of the message. My most recent painting combined traditional Native American Totem spliced with Japanese Sumi. My goal is to stand on the shoulders of my ancestors; not to put them underneath me but to see farther into the unwritten landscapes of human expression.
My art collection can be viewed on Thorwood Arts @Facebook and Thorwood Arts @Instagram. If you are interested in communicating more with me, or you want to commission a personal piece, you can communicate to my art curator who runs my site.

Paul Thorsteinson #807019,  SCCC H6A-03,  191 Constantine Way,  Aberdeen, WA 98520