Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Nate Lindell

D.O.B: 21 October 1975

Hometown: La Crosse, WI

Place Lived: Seattle WA. Duluth; MN.Kansas City; Helena MT

Religion: Secular Buddhist

Education: Some College- I.Q of 144 using WAIS-III test

Political Affilliation: Industrial Workers of the World

Sexual Orientation: straight

Seeking: Friendship, Romance,

Other Social Media:

So, in this shallow, fast moving, selfish world. I’m looking to make meaningful, real connections. Thus, like a peacock flashing his feathers, I tell you about my accomplishments, my struggles, hoping you’ll love me or pity me or be curious enough to “find out more”

An essay about my childhood was published in Parental Incarceration, Routledge 2016. Poems of mine have been published in Lit mags drawing of mine have been published in magazines and tattooed on bodies. I have four books, wrote not published plus three poetry song/art books. But I have no soul mate so…

I’m an expert or wise when it comes to neuroscience civil-rights litigation, literature, art and much more…but I have no one to share these interests with, other than the imprisoned readers of Prisoner Express whom I have much compassion for.

Any well-intending correspondence is welcomed use if it’s easier.

Thank You for any positivity you choose to share with me. I will cherish it.

Nate A. Lindell 303724
Columbia Correctional Institution 2925 Columbia Drive
P.O Box 900 Portage, WI 53901-0900