Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Micah Matthews

I understand we never met before, so at this moment I’m a stranger. All I ask is to become a friend in your life and to protect you from boredom. You may be asking yourself, could he really be a friend, could I, should I, give him a chance in my life, or will he hurt me like others. All I can say is, I cherish anyone willing to share this time with me and I cherish this pen. Giving thanks to any time you bless me with and to the ink inside this pen, as it helped locate a new friend. I hope you accept me for who I am, because I have come a long way. A lot of people have left me for dead, but a lot of them never found their brighter day. If I never hear from you, here’s a poem you can keep. It’s the memories of an unknown friend you never got the chance to meet.

I’m funny, smart, caring, inquisitive and built well. I enjoy reading anything educational or legal, writing poems, crafting and working out. I respect all people, my job isn’t to judge, it’s top accept you for you and hopefully you do the same in return. I love life and I’m looking to meet people who love life as well. If you would like to get to know me better, you can write me at P.O. box 316 Ft. Madison, IA 52623, or send me a message through

Micah Matthews #6820110

P.O. BOX 316, FT Madison, IA, 52627