Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Lindsay Haugen

When certain lines are crossed, we tend to become defined – and even define ourselves – by the worst decisions of our lives. During the first years of my incarceration, I felt as though the crime I had committed was tattooed in red across my forehead; everyone knew about it and it seemed to be all anyone cared to know about me.

Music and art have always been a part of my life, but time after time I pushed them aside to pursue what I perceived to be my destiny: a career as a helicopter pilot. When abusive relationships, my poor choices, and alcoholism took away my dreams, music reentered my life in the form of guitar lessons in prison.

Hope began to emerge when I wrote my first song on the floor of a prison cell. I did not know what I was doing as the words flowed from y hand but I knew the words demanded music. Since the I have written several songs which tell my story of hope, forgiveness, and finding freedom on the inside. While locked up I have learned how to love life sober, make positive choices and found a relationship with a man who has taught me that love shouldn’t hurt, true love heals.

My art in pencil and color, like my music, is a gift which i love to share with others. Each piece I create is a message written in love through images. I am grateful for the opportunity to share it. While I hope to one day be pardoned, I found meaning, a calling, and love within my darkest moments. I pray you find hope where you are, too.

Lindsay Haugen AO#3018877

701 S. 27th St, Billings, MT 59101