Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Juan Ramirez


I hope all is well with you and your loved ones as you come upon my profile.

I’m posting this in hopes of finding a friend who enjoys writing and is willing to talk about life on the other side of these walls. Someone who is sweet, nice, loyal and is awesome. Someone willing to bring sunshine where none exists, affection and compassion where it’s frowned upon, and help bring the simple thread of life to a cold and desolate place. I’m far from perfect (just look at where I am at) but I’m reaching out to those willing to give me that chance I was never given and hopefully return it double. Under Texas Draconian Laws I’m 23 hour lockdown, no TV, no phone, no visit (too far from home) and no pen pal, so I will be waiting on ya’ll. “Ya’ll” is a Texas word, so don’t even try it! LOL.

I have been in this cell for 9 years and counting and I keep myself busy with my art, working-out, and listening to music. Books are my movies, so I do a lot of reading. Other hobbies/interests are travelling tattoos (Tattoo artist by trade), piercing, the beach, playing chess, the paranormal, and lots of other things.

I’m like the armoire in the chronicles of Narnia: suspense at not knowing what’s inside, but once opened an adventure of life never to be lost or forgotten. That’s me!

I look forward to meeting you.



Juan Ramirez Jr. #1959250
Clements Unit High Security
9601 Spur 591
Amarillo, Texas 79107-9606