Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

J Eren Manuel

Hello There!

My birth name is Jennifer, but I prefer Eren and will eventually change my name to that. So please just call me Eren :). I am 28 years old, Asian-American, born and raised in Wisconsin. I am actually a bit shy in displaying my artwork, but I also believe that sharing can touch another person’s heart and I feel this to be the most appropriate manner for my intentions to relate to others incarcerated. I love all forms of art and it has been my passion since childhood. I also enjoy singing, cosplaying, exercise, yoga and meditation, gardening, cooking, and other joyous simplicities this life offers.

Writing is another passion of mine. I used to sell my art online while in the “free world”. It is not only my passion, it’s my way of life. When I am unheard, when I feel abandoned, the art speaks.

Thank you for allowing me to share and to be heard.


Eren Manuel.