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Garrick Hastings


My name is GARRICK HASTINGS, I am 33 years young from Houston Texas.

My favorite art medium is mixed medium.

Watercolor washes with oil pastels layered on top then acrylic paint splatters and messages, names, and statements.

My favorite genre is pretty wide-ranging from the late 1800s to now. My style is inspired by the “FAUVES” to the “IMPRESSIONISTS” Mixed with a little Jackson Pollock or “ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM,” or better known as “ACTING PAINTING.”

The reason I create- is a double-edged sword. I do it for financial reasons, mainly because I’m stubborn and won’t get a job as a worker because I feel that I am a boss. So when I create- I’m in charge of the vision, The outcome, and the representation of myself which is my work- If that makes sense. I would like to build a career of tattooing and pursuing a clothing line and phone case, and hopefully an exhibit in an art gallery too!

The second and most important reason I create is I love it! I honestly feel that if I don’t spend some time working on, planning, or sketching my next project – My day is wasted and unimportant.

And one extra thing about art that may be hard to understand… A canvas will never judge you and you are able to pour all your emotions into it and it will always accept it. If you paint a secret that stumps the entire world until they ask “why,”? Your canvas will never betray you… So this is who I am as an artist, And to me, why art matters.

Thank You, Garrick

Garrick Hastings

# 1895128- Mc Connell

3301 S. Emily Drive Beeville, TX 78102.