Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Clayton McCormick

First of all, my name. I’m Clayton McCormick, most people call me Lemon. I am 36 years old and incarcerated in Iowa. I am entering this art contest with hopes of networking and expanding myself, plus I have been slacking when it comes to practicing my trade, Anything to do with custom art is my passion, which I lost for a few years, then my soulmate came into my life and put some air under my sails. Thank you so much, baby.

I’ve known since I was little that I had set myself apart from others with my imagination and artistic skills. I like finding things that challenge me and then mastering them, usually in the aspect of art. I know I need to follow my dreams and do something with the talent God has blessed me with, plus what I have been doing has cost me precious years and it never worked.

If anyone is reading this and would like to contact me needing something designed, drawn up, or anything, I am more than willing to help out my contact information is Clayton McCormick, CCF, 2000 N. 16th Clarinda, IA 51632.

Also, I should be granted release soon and I do have social media which is down for the time, but if interested it’s “Sick Concepts” (Custom Art & Design). Well if you have read this far thank you for your interest.


Clayton McCornick – Aka- “Sick Lemon”

Clayton McCormick, CCF, 2000 N. 16th Clarinda, IA 51632.