Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Christopher Flathers

My name is Christopher Flathers and I am currently incarcerated in the Missouri Department of Corrections. I have recently just started teaching myself to how to draw and tattoo I am thinking I’m pretty good lol. It’s a good outlet that I am now delving into that can turn my energy, negative or positive into something that I can share with others in a new way that expresses my inner self that I have trouble sharing.

I hope to grow as a person in all ways with this new found talent and hope that you as an observer, enjoy my art. I am also starting to try my hands at poems but I am not ready to share any of that work yet. I am an outgoing, funny person and am very intube with nature or the urban surroundings that I grew up in.

Thank you for your time. If you would like to contact me about art of anything at all, you can contact me at this address:

Christopher Flathers #1244863


255 West Hwy 32

Licking, MO 65542