Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Cheryl Sutton

I’m Razor AKA Cheryl Sutton, I am a  multi-versatile spazmarticly creative supernaturally morbid over the top skin, Walls to paper I can do it all. I love every part of art, Art is not only in my mind but runs through my veins. It is my passion!

Art has always been around me, growing up my family used to live on my mom’s art being sold. I would art for hours and watch her paint, it made me want to be like her. Inspiring and changing lives through the talent that the Gods have blessed me with.

I really started showing my talents on the downtown streets of Spokane Washington, Tagging up Train, Cars, and Walls of the state Park. Nowadays I feed the Artistic beast inside me with cards, contests and Decorations instead of the walls of Waseca Federal Correctional Institution. 

I am 6 years in on a 10 years consp. Charge for Trafficking Drugs. Then I will be transported to Purdy Washington State Penitentiary, Where I will be finishing the remaining time on an organized crime and murder 1 charge, which i am still fighting through appeals.

Physically they may have me trapped but my Art is as free as ever, The walls will never stop it. My vision is to one day see my art in museums around the world bringing joy to the hearts of people and wonder to their minds…even from the inside.

Cheryl Sutton



P.O. BOX 1731

Waseca, MN 56093