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Brittany Wiest

Hello. My name is Brittany Marie Wiest, born May 31st of 1993, mother of 3 and sister of 6. Since I can remember I loved all things art, whether it be words of poetry and song, or lines that work together to form our innermost feelings. I hope that I can offer you a relatable expression, and let you know if you feel alone, you are not now. We all have different walks and some stones pierced deeper than others, but we can support one another as we grow, and relate, knowing of others survived, we can too. A lot of my art while colorful reflects pain, even my metaphor’s will show sorrow, yes, most days I am sad, but I am surviving, and I encourage you to do the same. Write your own story, and don’t let what others think or say define you. Know who you are, and you will find sanity, create and you will release your pain.

Until I express again, your dear friend.

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480 Green Chapel Rd., Henning, TN 38041