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Free Tekur

Fight for Tékur Andessa, serving 109 years for armed robberies

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Jamie Lamont Miles, now Tekur Andessa, didn’t shoot anybody, didn’t kill nor did rape, didn’t even scratch anybody. His armed robberies only included:

The presence of a firearm.
A demand for money.
The taking of the money.
Fleeing away. 

On his own words: 

“I never took a LIFE, So it’s perverted justice that I was sentenced to serve (4) LIFE sentences, despite time being suspended, since I never took a life. Although my physical LIFE sentence was suspended, with 109 years to serve, I still have a virtual LIFE sentence. Only nine years would drop off with my earned good time with no parole.”

He was locked up at age 25, the courts sentenced him under a robbery law and concluded he couldn’t be rehabilitated, that he could never be fit again to be put back in society. But the courts and the law got it wrong.

Since he was sentenced in 2001, he has made improvements to consecrate his life to god, which is the highest morality of man. He has bettered himself with education, even though VDOC does not provide rehabilitation programs to prisoners. He has been institutional infraction free. He is now a man of integrity.

He reflects:

” I was young and insecure with who I was as a husband and a father and about who to trust with the problem-solving techniques for having a failing marriage and family. I falsely felt that more money would preserve the integrity of my marriage and family. And that’s what culminated me out in the streets amongst wrong street thugs that I portrayed as friends. “

Despite all of this, he is condemned to die by the Virginia Department of Corrections. He prays that this petition for absolute pardon is granted based upon his rehabilitated behavior.

He is remorseful for his past and wants to work on saving the lives of the children. With all these random mass shootings and senseless acts of crime and violence happening throughout various parts of the United States; these kids need to know that there are positive options that oppose gangs, guns, and violence. They need to learn the right agendas to circumvent the trajectory of poverty to prison.

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