Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Designed Conviction’s “Top Contributor” Award

This year we have a new award to introduce. Designed Conviction’s very first, “Top Contributor” award goes to Jim Fussell and his “Domino Deeds.” This award is presented on account of his thoughtful acts of kindness which have made an impact on thousands over the years. This pay-it-forward Ideology propelled by his dedication to giving back to the community has impacted folks around the world.

Jim has donated over 9000 paintings to hundreds of charitable causes throughout his nearly half of a century incarcerated. While never asking for a thing in return. Including dozens of paintings donated to Designed Conviction. Along with the “Top Contributor” award, Domino Deeds will have its own station at the art exhibit.

Designed Conviction thanks Jim and presents him with this honor for all these gracious deeds of kindness. Which in turn has created a domino effect of giving to pay it forward.