Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

2022 Annual Art Exhibit

Finally, after all these years, our vision of exhibiting art is coming to fruition on December 3rd, 2022, starting @ 11 A.M. in the Portland Art Museum, located in Portland, Oregon. Of course, our long-time sponsors, Jerry Logan and Susie Logan, are all actively working to bring this vision to life.

The pandemic has limited the capacity of What Designed Conviction set out to accomplish since its inception in late 2018. The first Designed Conviction art exhibit was set to take place, and the whole world shut down. Our mission carried on, and the platform has grown to propel the positive works of both incarcerated and formerly incarcerated across the nation.

Now that the world has opened back up, this is the first of many Exhibits showing the collection of works donated by talented artists across the country. Every show will promote the artist’s work and be dedicated to supporting a cause by working with a charity. As the community evolves, we will be able to provide more opportunities. Be sure to stay tuned, and please tell your friends and family to come to check us out at the Portland Art Museum. If you are not in that area, you can always participate virtually. 

Make sure to visit to learn more.