Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Things you may not know of the editor, Taylor Tom

“Riding back from the courthouse in the patty wagon, shackled and chained, having just been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, I wouldn’t have dreamed of becoming the man I am today.” – Taylor Tom, The Convicted Entrepreneur.  

Taylor Tom was Incarcerated in 2006 at the young age of 20 and ultimately sentenced to life in prison. He struggled to come to terms with such a grim reality during these dark times. Facing his demons and growing up took some time, but he started to take responsibility and own his mistakes. Coming from a broken home on a bumpy road; while close to the ledge at times, he was able to find a light in the darkness. He has since turned his life around and focused on making positive contributions. 

He shares all his insights in an educational/ inspirational book, “The Convicted Entrepreneur.”  Not only about how to start a business from prison and key relevant points to consider, but how he overcame the cynical outlook of serving life in prison. His motivation and discipline got him educated & married. A marriage with a woman that has not only stuck by his side for the last seven years but helped him achieve his dream of being a social entrepreneur with the launch of Designed Conviction. “She treats me like a person, not like an inmate”, they are now happily expecting their first child, conceived during conjugal visits. 

“No matter the situation, no matter where you are, if you have that undying will to succeed, you will. If no matter what, you keep going, you will get to the finish line.” – Taylor Tom, The Convicted Entrepreneur.  

In “The Convicted Entrepreneur,” he also talks about his experience building the Designed Conviction platform, outside support, networking, and bringing dreams to reality. To give you an idea of the level of knowledge being shared, it has been endorsed by the legendary entrepreneur Dave Dahl, the founder of Dave’s killer bread, which he sold for over 200 million. Dave wrote the forward, and Chris Wilson, this issue cover story, the social entrepreneur and author of the Master Plan, wrote the preface.

Author and Entrepreneur are just a few words that describe Taylor Tom, he is also an artist; Taylor Tom’s artistry through painting, drawing, and music has become a therapeutic outlet. Last fall, he released his first single “To Begin”, and this July 22, he is dropping the first single, “Oblivion,” off Taylor Toms’s debut album featuring recording artist Whitney Peyton who was on the cover of the last issue of Designed Conviction The Magazine. The album will follow in August. It is a continuation of the EP “Free Taylor” that Seth Anthony did with Designed Conviction Entertainment. As some of the songs have been redone and added to, as well as several new songs. Featuring Seth Anthony, Bubba Sparxxx, Burden, Whitney Peyton, and Scramn. 

I want to give back, spread the word, and inspire those who want it. Spark a desire in those still on the fence to move forward with their potential.  – Taylor Tom, The Convicted Entrepreneur  

His goal is to build the Designed Conviction platform to get talent noticed. The second annual art exhibit will be held in December. This is a dual-purpose event to tell the stories of the folks who contribute to it while raising funds to buy Christmas presents for children of the incarcerated.

If you’ve been impacted in some way through Designed Conviction and you would like to support the founder’s petition for resentencing, visit