Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Letter from the Editor

Hello and welcome friends and family. Thank you for joining us in another edition of Designed Conviction the Magazine. This is a milestone for our 12th quarterly issue, making it three years and running. Thank you so much for all our loyal readers and subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed and you like what you’re reading, please do. We’ve never raised the price and it’s only covering printing and shipping. The more people who subscribe the more people we can reach. We are working hard to bring you new relevant content, stories, opportunities and resources this year.

I have some major news to share with you… Designed Conviction founders, myself and Mrs. Conley are having a baby this year as we celebrate our sixth anniversary this year. We are very excited to welcome the new addition to the family this August. It is truly a life changing event, and a dream comes to life.

With the baby on the way, we are going to be taking a break from offering services for a while. Meanwhile we are focusing on promoting the upcoming annual art contest as well as bringing new content and building partnerships that can serve everybody’s needs. So look forward to access to new resources and offers coming soon.

Thank you again so much, to all our subscribers and the contributors. You are welcome to submit content for publication. Here is a tip: our content is focused on inspiration. Our mission is to help others and spread positivity as best as possible. And just because you don’t make it into print, there is a good chance your article will get published on our blog, which is available for the whole world to see. So think of how you want to be seen by the world?