Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Your success is their success by Jim Fussell, Ohio

In Ohio decades ago, I created Domino Deeds. My mission was to spread kindness to unsuspecting souls and attempt to change the perception of incarcerated individuals.

In time, others joined in a shared vision to complete a mission.

Social media enables me to reach people in different countries and learn about other cultures, time zones, traditions. Many things in life are the same; no matter what country you reside in, people always need help. People crave love and are shocked when support and love come from an incarcerated individual, unsolicited.

I wanted to think outside of the box and travel beyond the prison fences. My goals included breaking down barriers and touching the hearts of everyday people across the world—one brushstroke at a time.

Traditionally, people think they can post a photo of themselves on social media, which will open the floodgate of interest by those in society. In reality, that rarely happens.

If I placed a sack over my head, perhaps I could pass my body off as that of a man half my age, but I prefer honesty over looks. My sincerity, integrity, compassion, empathy all play a vital role in who I am. Those qualities tend to attract quality individuals into my life.

Ironically, over the past many decades of giving away pieces of art that I create, I can interact with strangers and develop a lasting friendship in some instances.

Through my outreach on social media, I have befriended many extraordinary individuals. Often joining forces with them to tackle projects or missions that we jointly believe in and support. We sometimes hear that two heads are better than one; this is true.

Through my outreach with Domino Deeds, I stumbled upon Designed Conviction. Founders and CEO’s thought it wise to join forces, and two years later, both entities are still going strong.

Domino Deeds has built a team of dedicated people who give freely of their time and energy, never complaining, and we all connected thru social media. The same vision, same goals, same mission.

In life, it is best to lift others, help showcase their strengths instead of micro-manage or become territorial. I am so blessed to have met remarkable humans over the years.

We learn from mistakes, we learn from observing others, we learn from listening, we learn from following our instincts, our hearts.

It takes a lot for a stranger to reach out and connect with an incarcerated individual. A profile, a photo, and little else are not necessarily ideal tools to utilize when meeting a person behind bars. Some pen pal sites have success, but hands-on involvement with social media gives everyone more to work with.

Meeting someone who has a mission, a proven track record, a means to fact check. Someone with a consistent, transparent operation that only does good deeds, that type of behavior is worthy of a second look.

I have met half a dozen people who have become lifelong friends over the past few decades. I prefer quality over quantity.

Not only does my mission work with Domino Deeds uplift me and make life better, my friendships make life truly wonderful, even from behind bars.

While my looks may get me nowhere, my dedication to helping others and leaving my mark across the world side by side with friends. Friends I have gained during this journey, I would not trade those friendships for anything in this world.

I have found that if you are genuine, sincere, honest, and can face yourself in the mirror every day, THEN it is safe to reach out to others and seek opportunities to build friendships.

Respect yourself, respect others, and with those tools, start a new life based on transparency. Secrets only haunt us. Be open, trust, and happiness will become a way of life.

Once strangers observe good behavior and verify constant good deeds spanning decades, they may decide to fight for your freedom. IF you are blessed as I have been.

When you believe in yourself, others are prone to believe in you. They may be motivated to step up and work their magic to open doors. They may offer ways to improve your future, create a life for you that promises to keep you away from prison life.

Your success is their success.