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Torie Chrisholm Sentenced to 47 Years as a teen, Now Prison Reform Advocate

Imagine being 15 years old, making mistakes that teens do; a mistake that did not harm someone. Now imagine spending the next 47 years in jail for those mistakes you made at 15. That is Torie Chrisholm’s story.

How many people can say that they are the same person as they were as a teen? We evolve and change so much throughout our lifetime, how long should one pay for a mistake they made as a child?

Terri Chrisholm

Torie Chrisholm was 15 years old when the state of Virginia sentenced him to 47 years in prison for robbery with no priors. Now 32, he isn’t the gang banger he used to be. He’s grown, matured, married and had children. Tori now is an advocate for prison reform, working hard to help others and to show that he has changed and deserves a second chance at life.

Torie became involved in a wonderful organization called Second Chance Quest that helps the incarcerated and their families. The state of Virginia offers a program for Second Chance Quest, Torie graduated the program and is not mentoring and facilitating classes to help others graduate the program. 

Second Chance Quest’s goal is to be the voice and positive image for incarcerated men and women who have evolved from their criminal past into people who want to become productive members of society, people who deserve a second chance. 

They educate the public on the injustice placed on non-violent offenders, the effects of excessive prison sentences and more. They care about children that are affected by incarcerated parents and truly believe in giving people a second chance. 

This program has helped Torie become a positive voice for the incarcerated, becoming a true advocate for prison reform.

Torie has a wonderful support system, including his wife who has been the driving force behind his will to become a better person. Become another one of his supporters by signing a petition to help free him at

“Individuals change, sometimes your in prison you become adaptive to your surroundings it’s hard to change no matter how hard you try, but you have to keep fighting, if you want to be free, you have to go get it” -Torie Chrisholm

Check out Second Change Quest here to see what they are doing to ignite change in our society.

Listen to an interview with Torie hosted by Life of a Lifer podcast to hear more about him and his story on YouTube.

If you prefer to stream the podcast, go to your favorite podcast platform such as Spotify or Apple Music.  

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