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SWAGG Inc. (Serve, Witness, and Give Guidance. Inspiration Never Ceases)

SWAGG Inc. Stands for; Serve, witness, and give guidance. Inspiration never ceases.

What is SWAGG Inc.?

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SWAGG Inc. is a non-profit organization out of Kansas City, Missouri, that advocates for criminal justice reform. They are helping to aid in the end of mass incarceration and focuses on helping those getting out of prison reenter into society with success.

Their reentry network is filled with employment opportunities from a variety of human resource professionals as well as parole and probation officers of Kansas City, Missouri.


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The CEO and founder, a man named Na’im Al-amin. He was once incarcerated, spending five years in prison. After his release, he was homeless and had a hard time finding job opportunities until he found out that UPS does hire those with a criminal background and trains them.  

He is now the human resources manager at UPS. He is graduate student seeking his master’s degree in human resources.

Through his sentence as well as the adversity he faced after release, Na’im took matters into his own hands to help others that face the same struggles he did, thus creating SWAGG inc.

SWAGG Inc. Mission Statement

“Creating new opportunities In a different set of circumstances for returning citizens, justice-involved individuals, and our youth. Empowering clients to be the best version of themselves in pursuit of their personal legends by creating networks of support and adding value to the communities they are returning to.”

SWAGG Inc. is doing many things to help the Kansas City community. They created a career mentorship program and notably, SWAGG Inc. curriculum is being learned by students in a few local high schools.

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Na’im took learned from his past, learned from his adversity, and with that created a program that is changing people’s live.

If you are from the Kansas City area, recently incarcerated and in need of assistance, contact them on their website Or drop a comment below and we can get you directly in contact with Na’im.

Listen to more about the founder’s past and his journey to where he is now by listening to our podcast interview with Taylor Conley, a man serving a life sentence and Na’im.

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