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Surviving Covid-19 in Prison

As Covid-19 sweeps the nation bringing a bit of fear and dread in our lives, those of us that are free from confinement stand a better chance than those behind bars. Covid-19 in prison has spread like wildfire behind those walls and fences. Social distancing and quarantine are quite a bit harder to manage in facilities where thousands of men and women are housed together in cages. 

With the risk of contagion much higher and the morale much lower considering they are cut off from visiting loved ones or continuing their programs that come from outside resources, prison is the worst place to reside during this pandemic. 

covid-19 in prison
Masks must be worn at all times in prison states “ the National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice released a report that found the rate of COVID-19 cases in prisons was more than four times that of the general population and the COVID-19 mortality rate in prisons was twice as large as that of the general U.S. population.”

Taylor Conley, host of Life of a Lifer podcast has experienced this situation first hand. Having contracted the virus in his state prison, one of more than 50 percent of the inmates and staff that fell ill with Covid-19. With a few unfortunate fatalities of inmates and staff as well. 

He was on lockdown for over two months with little time to make calls. Taylor is sending the message of hope to other inmates serving long sentences like him. Hope keeps you from being imprisoned in your mind. 

He encourages people to contact other inmates, send the messages of love and support either through email or postal mail. It takes little effort to make someone smile.

He has dedicated his life to give a voice to those in prison who can’t speak for themselves. Your support of his endeavour is appreciated.  Learn more about Taylor, his social enterprise Designed Conviction and the wonderful job he has done to change his life and the lives of others by going to

Listen to his update on how he has been dealing with Covid-19 in prison on his YouTube.

Another great video by Wife of a Lifer speaking on Covid-19 in prison.

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