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Manifest Something Beautiful – A Hip Hop Group with a Message to send

♪♩Black mothers keep stressing. Nowadays you’re feeling more afraid, sending their sons outside, they might fill a grave by the hands of a cop, heart filled with hate, racism. Just turn on the light on God and everything God placed in it.♩♪

Those powerful lyrics Manifest Something Beautiful uses are inspired by black mothers. Fearful of letting their children play outside. 

The men that make up the hip hop group Manifest Something Beautiful

The tragic death of George Floyd has caused more light to be shed on police brutality. People are finally awakening to the fact that African Americans are being treated with malicious intent by the law. Cruel measures are taken on those unarmed and compliant. This has been happening for far too long. It’s time for change.

Written by Manifest Something Beautiful. An independent entertainment company. Their goal is to send meaningful messages that resonate with their fans. The artists that make up Manifest Something Beautiful are; Ogaudio_Omyth, Sk, Kaream, FiF Element, Rambo Alkada, and Shawn Kain. 

Omar, aka Ogaudio Omyth speaks an impactful message throughout this interview on Life of a Lifer. What the gist of the world is outraged by, he has been dealing with throughout his lifetime. 

Og of Manifest Something Beautiful

Grief, sorrow. The loss of friends, family, those in his community and others. Why? Racism. Being persecuted and prosecuted because of stereotypes and ignorance. Being beatdown, shot-up, and killed by those sworn to protect. 

Such was the case of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in 2014. A person reported a juvenile young African American male with a gun that they suspected was fake. The officer opened fire at the boy almost immediately when he arrived on the scene. Killing Tamir, who was playing with a toy gun.

Another victim of police slaying in 2014 is Mike Brown. MSB created an acronym from his name to represent the issue.





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Manifest Something Beautiful not only spits powerful lyrics, but they also create cinematic short videos, customize merchandise, and more.

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