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Life on the Outside – Unbelievable Stories of Redemption

Every day we fight against the wrongs of society, fighting for change.  We raise our voice and we speak out for what we believe in. We stand up for ourselves and others who face prejudice. We tell our stories and through those stories, we ignite compassion and support from others. Life on the Outside is a platform for the returned citizens.

Unfortunately there are many amazing people in our communities whose voices are muted behind walls and fences of incarceration. Unable to tell their stories or show the world that they aren’t a stereotype felon, they deserve a second chance in life.

Our society locks up our children, putting them away as early as fourteen to serve life in prison without the chance for redemption. Not giving them a chance to mature to an adult who is more likely to make better decisions.  People are constantly growing and evolving throughout their lifetime. So why isn’t that taken into consideration?

It’s time to break that barrier and hear their stories, see their talent and root for their success.

Lucy Copp hosts a podcast called Life on the Outside. She is giving these men and women a way to share their journey with us. Where they have been and where they are going.  They have incredible stories to share.

woman with podcast mic
Lucy Copp, host of Life on the Outside

Based out of California, Lucy started this project three years ago. She was working in television and volunteering at prisons in her spare time. She combined her work in media with her passion to help inmates.  Her podcast focuses on those that were sentenced to life then released decades later by way of parole.  Proving their past mistakes don’t define who they are today.

They speak about what it’s like having to start your life over, especially those who have served multiple decades. The former inmates take us through the struggles of reentry, overcoming their obstacles and more.

Statistically, those who are released from life sentences are less likely to return back to prison. By setting the bar high it helps determine the future of other lifers possibly getting released. They have an obligation and responsibility to fulfill to themselves and their support network.  Knowing our society can be very unforgiving, they have something to prove.

Life on the Outside Podcast produces two episodes a month always featuring a new storyteller. The project is consistently growing, currently twenty correctional facilities throughout California are providing this series to their inmates. Hopefully by hearing these stories it can motivate others to believe in themselves and that they too can change.

Life on the Outside Logo

Here at Life of a Lifer we also aim to unlock those voices and interview people who have changed and many who have been highly successful after their release and also those that have not yet been released.

Platforms like Life on the Outside and Life of a Lifer are making a difference in the lives of people who have been in prison. We will keep putting these stories out there in hopes that your compassion will ignite into a fire that spreads into your heart and you will lend your voice to speak up for those locked behind bars.

Keep in mind that not all states offer parole, so no matter how much education, rehabilitation or self-improvements an inmate has made, they are sentenced to die in prison. The host of Life of a Lifer is one of those inmates. He believes that through efforts of his hard work, advocacy and dedication to helping others like him that he can earn his freedom somehow.  With your support that can happen.

Check out Life on the Outside Podcast on most podcast streaming platforms, visit their Instagram @loto_podcast.

You can view our interview with Lucy Copp on YouTube

Or stream it on your favorite podcast platform like Spotify or Apple Music.

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