Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Bubba Sparxxx Featured on Free Taylor EP, a Man Serving Life in Prison.

Growing up as a white male in the backwoods of South Georgia, Warren Anderson Mathis, Bubba Sparxxx, dreamt of being a rapper. He was not well supported by his family and peers. Despite that struggle, he overcame obstacles with his hard work and perseverance. Timbaland production picked him up and he became the hip hop artist we know today as Bubba Sparxxx.

Bubba Sparxxx man posing in front of tractor
Bubba poses in a recent Facebook Picture

An anomaly of his time, a large white male from the dirty south stunned his community and the hip hop world by becoming a breakout sensation seemingly overnight with his song “Ugly” in 2001.

Bubba was first influenced by the sounds of 2 Live crew, and early 90’s gangsta west coast rap such as N.W.A, Too Short and Eazy E. He started writing his rhymes at the age of 15. 

Rapping was just a hobby at the time, not thinking such a dream would be realized. He focused on football and earned all regions honor in his senior year as a tight end linebacker. When football didn’t work out and college didn’t hold his interest, Bubba started to focus on his rap career eventually being picked up by Timbaland.

In 2006 Bubba thrusted on to the billboard charts with his song featuring the Ying Yang Twins, Ms. New Booty. Reaching number seven. Bubba Sparxxx had become a super star.

Bubba Sparxxx recently collaborated with Designed Conviction, a social enterprise which was founded by Taylor Conley, a man who is currently serving life in prison and is changing the narrative of how the incarcerated are viewed and treated.

Bubba Sparxxx King of Crap Cover Album
King of Crap Album Cover

He is featured on the Free Taylor EP, a variety of songs sung by Seth Anthony and written by Taylor Conley.  

In a recent podcast episode on Life of a Lifer, hosted by Taylor, he interviews Bubba Sparxxx who is very supportive of Taylor’s movement to show the world that the incarcerated deserve a second chance.

Taylor and Bubba Sparxxx discuss the early roots of Bubba’s career and what he is doing now. Keep an eye out for Bubba’s new album coming out, The King of Crap. And don’t forget to check out the Free Taylor EP sung by Seth Anthony, featuring the artist’s Bubba Sparxxx and Burden.

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