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When Angels Fly by Brandon Tran (Texas)

Lord, I come to you as you are my good shepherd and I’m your sheep they say when you lose you weep, but I’m yours to keep. You gave me strength when I’m weak and gave me courage with the heart to speak. And to speak about our love it’s so deep I love you so much that sometimes it makes me weep. don’t know why sometimes you make me wipe my eyes like when I hear some church songs and I think about how you are so good to me in life. Gave me life when I had no life and then made me feel so alive opened my eyes and made me realize so much in life. helped me realize so much inside as I released so much I held inside when I fell you tell me to arise pick yourself up and have the strength to fight you always did have my back and never ever left my side no final good-byes because when it’s final I will finally be by your side. You are to be praised as your name is glorified. angels fly and soar all over the sky lifting me up high as I had wings to fly. Gave me everything as you gave me a new life and when I finally die I will be right there by your side. side-by-side & eye-to-eye together we ride, and together we die when angels fly.


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