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Tough Love by Brian Fuller (Texas)

It is with a heavy heart I am forced to write this. The virus has returned with a vengeance. Our lives are been jeopardized the malice and negligence of others.

 We’ve all been through this before. Except for this time, the feeling is not that warm fuzzy deja-vu one seems to find when they wax nostalgic. No. This time it is as if were been chained to the train wreck, with no choice but to ride it out into run because we know this is going to hurt.. 1 line been ones and ones in my mind about what, if anything, I could have done differently; or more, better, new, whatever. All I come up with are questions. I feel like a guy boiling water out of a canoe. There is sho land in sight. Then I look over at the person with me to watch them furiously using an ax at the flimsy bottom.. . Iin supposed to be writing my professor. He was so kind to come here and try to give us something we couldn’t have attained otherwise; I wanted to thank him for all the hoops he had to jump through to simply be here. I need to tell him that it wasn’t all for nothing. We are still alive. I think I can still get word to the others.

They took them away. I don’t know where they put them. I know anger is not the most intelligent of emotions, yet, I’m still glad to have it. Perhaps it keeps me alive? It seems a futile waste of precious time to spend it arguing with them about whether or not they can kill us all I’m saying is that lin not? Just going to sit here and watch them do it!

I won’t give up. I do have a say in this! They want us dead. I want us ALIVE. – A duel? Okay. Terms? No. This is the part where they’ve got it wrong. You see, all that went right out the window once the first one fell! Somehow, they are still under the false impression that they can kill my people and then enter into negotiations. Not this time. I don’t feel there was ever a time when that was okay..

If discretion really is the greater part of valor, then it is imperative that anyone who embarks on this journey is well aware of the risks involved all the time; people tell me to just let it go. Turn the other cheek. No. There is a time for every purpose under the sun. The time for walking away has already expired. Now it is time to braid the cords/ together into a whip and chase this evil away! Therefore, if my survival depends upon helping those around me alive – so be it. However, they will live with the understanding that there will be a reckoning; of, by, and – for the GREATER GOOD. We really are all we got. Time to show a little bit of TOUGH LOVE.


Brian Fuller

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