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The Real Resurrection By Travis John Wolfkill (Iowa)

They must still believe in Santa and his reindeer When they say prisons are now more humane

Our pain is plain here, decades of isolation The degradation of a nation divided, The mainstream of Joe Biden and his Royal Highness. In the meantime, the other side is Obsessed with the politics of the Bible. When I hear “tough on crime,” It means they’re trying to build an Asylum.

The State denied my claims, and they say that’s Justice. Everyone I ever cared about Has been touched by this loveless System of living conditions Confined, and indigent is the default status of an entire culture considered less than lower-class. They don’t want us to vote? Shit, they don’t want us to laugh

What can we do about it? Gripe, grieve, and give our two cents? Nowadays that’s worth less than it is They will put you behind a fence If you don’t conform to their Matrix or method The only real Resurrection is internal and personal Let us rise to remember our origins are stellar And yes, we can do better than making a mess If we don’t love ourselves how can we get any respect?

* (Penned after the Board of Parole and the Governor denied my application for sentence commutation. Instead of being better, I am energized. Inspired to do better and – be more creative. My music, art, and writing is a form of immortality. This is my only viable remedy since the State affirmed my sentence of Life without Parole).

Travis John Wolfkill #6188588

 I.S.P. P.0. Box 316

Ft. Madison, IA 52627

A personal note

I have been serving Life without the possibility of parole for the last 2 decades. Although only 19 when arrested, my body of work is huge. Finding a positive platform for my talent has been somewhat of a treasure hunt. When a friend shared your publication I was impressed.

Enclosed is a lyrical poem of mine I am submitting for Designed Conviction, the magazine. IDOC policy allows me to use my full name. I appreciate your consideration. Peace & Progress.