Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Inmate Lives Matter by Esmael Villasana (Texas)

Some voted for Trump. Some voted for Biden.

If I told you prison makes people better, I would be lying.

The incarcerated are not the only ones in prison. Our families, our friends, and victims are also doing a prison sentences. We learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

The incarcerated are humans too. Why should we live in these conditions?

My cell has a major leak.

My toilet has not worked in weeks, and my cell stinks.

My food is not fully cooked. The meat is cold and pink.

I’m also forced to drink water that isn’t intended for officers to drink.

They locked me up in solitary for a tattoo I got as a teenager.

They say it’s gang-affiliated. I say it’s the greatest high school team ever.

Why would the system punish me for a high school team logo?

I don’t believe in gangs. Ask about me. I rock solo.

Then, they send me a hundred miles away from home, and my family can’t afford to visit me.

How can I hug and kiss the ones that love and miss me?

We’re still human.

Haven’t you punished us enough?

Doesn’t inmate lives matter too?