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Incarcerated Female seeking advice – Lyric Farmer (Oregon)

My name is Lyric Farmer; I am a 24-year-old Asian and African American female who is currently incarcerated in Coffee Creek Correctional Facility located in Wilsonville Oregon. My story begins with trial and error as well as turmoil but within the seams of it all is proof of perseverance and strength.

Growing up in poverty with being the oldest of seven along with a mother who was addicted and a father absent, I along with my siblings fell to be a statistic in the foster care system, in a span of ten years my siblings and I had been separated while half were adopted out and the others went with other family members, I aged out at the age of eighteen after years of multiple foster homes and school districts I too fell victim into being addicted to heroin amongst other drugs in result led to my first criminal arrest with many after to come.

In 2017 I got clean and entered into a second chance court program which I completed successfully and graduated I obtained stable independent housing and was managing a restaurant in Medford Oregon, through love and support I sustained my recovery and was participating in a number of recovery resources to stay clean and continue to change my character as well as my life, unfortunately, due to complacency with the feeling of being stagnant I relapsed in 2019 in which my whole world as I knew it turned upside down and I began to pick up my criminal behavior and drug addiction exactly where I left it two years prior.

I then began to gather natural consequences with the law with new charges and as result, I knew the near future held prison for me, so knowing this outcome I quit while I was ahead seeking help from my local detox center and a chance with oxford housing for a roof over my head to get my mind straight before I moved to the toughest chapter in my life: Prison. Because of my life experience, I want to renounce the word survivor, through my struggling upbringing as well as being a minority I have developed the need to be greater than my given environment to strive for confidence to want more for myself, that’s when while working two jobs and a momentum of self-motivation I found myself simply watching a ‘Gary V’ podcast about consumer behavior and marketing strategies that I suddenly knew what I needed to do which led to me developing the idea and logo brand FeloniousXoXo.

FeloniousXoXo is a self-made, raw, and real brand about giving back to the community to connect the audience of addicts and convicts giving us a voice, to represent and rise above the statistics and stereotypes to really allow ourselves a chance, an equal opportunity despite our past demons. With this starting concept I have made the logo myself along with several sweatshirts, shirts, stickers, and Facebook posts to represent my dream of this brand, I have purchased my domain/URL while being incarcerated I have sight for a website with all the merchandise available, also a page for blogging where I am able to share my documented experience and have the chance to connect and help others following my story, FeloniousXoXo is only going to be successful with connections from the community, with that being said I am seeking grants to help further my network and website platform, the money would also be given to help towards merchandise development, I plan to use a percentage of profits made from my brand to give back to my local non-profits/other organizations with the same anticipating concept as mine giving back to those needing rehabilitation. My release date is 12/6/24 I have a clear vision to continue the brand of my dreams while being incarcerated as well as when I am released and to continue this movement, my contact information is below I do appreciate greatly you taking the time and energy to read this and am very open to advice or guidance in regards to this letter. Thank you for your time

Lyric Farmer #21749705

24499 Grahams Ferry rd

Wilsonville OR, 97070