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Things that you didn’t know about being a prison girlfriend

If you are reading this post because you are curious about what it is like being a prison girlfriend. Many strong women across the country decide to start and keep these “taboo” relationships.
As the wife of a man serving life in prison, I can tell you that I have been a victim of judgemental people. People always ask me how I do it, and why I decided to do it. There are many valid points to date and marry someone in prison, almost as many as to do it with someone free. Yes, it takes determination and sacrifice. It takes a different mindset; it takes a lot of strength. It gives you a lot of satisfaction.
This week I have my friend Candace to talk about her own experience and her thoughts about this. She is currently in a relationship with her childhood best friend. Please tune in and listen to why she is doing this and what she thinks about his crime.
I am so honored to have the opportunity to listen and share her story, which is not unique. I am striving to bring awareness to the general public. Incarcerated individuals are people too; they deserved to be loved and have close bonds with the outside world. If you have a loved one in prison, please contact me. I want to hear and share your story.

Watch the episode in here