Designed Conviction

The distance between dreams and reality. It’s action. Now think about that, the distance between dreams and reality, Is action.

There are generally two types of people in this world: Pessimist and optimist. A pessimistic point of view is one who is inclined to take the least favorable view or expect the worst. In contrast, an optimist will take the point of view that is most inclined to live at the best possible outcomes. What about the third point of view. Just making it happen.

When you are predominantly negative in your life, things tend to be looking down. Your moods are bad. You often have low energy. You look at problems and are not coming in with solutions. You’re just finding more and more negatives. For instance. I could conclude that I don’t need to work out. Why should I do anything constructive with my time? I’ve got a TV to watch. I’ve got a couch to lay down. I got my bed to lay down. As a result, you get complacent with a pessimistic behavior. Everything that may challenge you seems hard as if it won’t work or is irrelevant.

With a completely optimistic viewpoint. You can lose touch with the reality; you are not looking at the full picture. Take for example one of those old TV series where everything is all happy and hunky dory, and there’s not a negative side. Well, what if disaster struck. They would be lost because they don’t live in a world of reality, they don’t live in the real world and face real-life struggles.

Optimism is a beautiful thing, however, to make it realistic, a combination of pessimism and optimism is necessary. You must identify the problems that you may be facing and come in with a viable solution, after that, put that to action, that is the recipe that you want to live by. When you hone this skill, and it becomes second nature you will always make it no matter what. No matter what life throws at you.

Let’s begin with McGyver, remember the old series. This man was the ultimate in solution oriented behavior. It didn’t matter what he got into it., he found a way to make it worth it through it. Another example is me. I received a life sentence without parole at the age of 20. Instead of letting this crush me, I continued to move forward. I keep fighting my appeals as well as working to put myself in a position to be ready for clemency, parole or any other avenues. I refuse and won’t give up.

So in conclusion what I mean by turning a negative into a positive is about attitude. You need to identify the problem or recognize the negative. You must not succumb to pessimism. You have to look for ways to solve the problem, to find solutions. With this, not only you will become much more successful in life, you will find the key to happiness.

As this world is filled with problems, you can find solutions. Put action behind them. You can discover your dreams, and they will come true.