Designed Conviction a Social Enterprise

Paul Thorsteinson

Incarcerated Artist

My name is Paul Thorsteinson. I started as a street artist, but over the years I have come to specialize in wooden architecture and acrylic painting. While they are two of my favorite loves, I have a passion for all styles and mediums: writing, poetry, watercolor, sculpture, metalwork, painting, you name it, I express it.
I try and remain dynamic and diverse when incorporating myriads of techniques to create a mosaic of the message. My most recent painting was a combination of traditional Native American Totem spliced with Japanese Sumi. My goal is to stand on the shoulders of my ancestors; not to put them underneath me but to see farther into the unwritten landscapes of human expression.
A collection of my art can be viewed on Thorwood Arts @Facebook and Thorwood Arts @Instagram. If you are interested in communicating more with me, or you want to commission a personal piece, you can communicate to my art curator who runs my site.

Paul Thorsteinson #807019,  SCCC H6A-03,  191 Constantine Way,  Aberdeen, WA 98520

Who is Wife of a Lifer?

Part of the answer is in the title, Cecilia Conley is the wife of a lifer. That is, she is married to a man serving life without parole in prison. You may ask yourself “Why? Why would you marry someone in prison?” The answer of course is love. But it’s not just love...

Tired of COVID 19? Imagine One day in Prison, then multiple it for 7000

Imagine even just one day in there, then multiply for a least 7 thousand more?
As that’s not even 20 years.
So my question is what I expect everybody to take out of this pandemic is when is enough, enough?, one day in prison, I’m sure that it would be very traumatic for me. Just one day, 20 years in more than 7,000 days. When the Incarceration objective switched from rehabilitation to punishment?.

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The Episode Summary Today I have a great guest who started a prison art initiative back in 2012. Inspired by his brother, who is currently serving a life sentence. Kevin recalls it was his brother, who asked why he never wrote him a letter while serving a previous...