Designed Conviction

Today we are honored to introduce you Wilberto Belardo, a man serving LWOP since 2009. A “career criminal”, being sentenced to Life without parole made him realize that life was not all about money, that you can’t buy happiness.

He recently reached out to us seeking help to create his new platform: King Guru Da Legend

Thank you for your support , Cecilia

Below is a note from him, reaching out from behind the bars:

Hey there… This is King Guru here to tell you about what I’ve got going on this year. 2021 has been full of forward movement on my end. It’s been a long and hard grind, but things have come together and half of my vision board has been actualized.

Some of you may know me from my PRETTY GIRLS LOVE BAD BOYS SERIES. It started out as book for prisoners who wanted to find love beyond the walls and gates that hold us in here. That book went crazy the sales went through the roof! It also opened the door to the next subject which was cultivating and maintaining those loving relationships. So that started the whole PRETTY GIRLS LOVE BAD BOYS movement. I had a YouTube channel, IG, blog and all that based on that PGLBB glow.

As that energy grew, I had the opportunity to network with a lot of people. But like most things that are built on shaky foundations, a screw was loose, and I was forced to go back to the drawing board. What came next is the KingGuruDaLegend movement!

Over the last year I’ve put out a new website/blog at That’s where I showcase all my books plus more. On the blog page I blog about real prison life. The politics that take place in here as well as stories pertaining to love and lockup relationships are all topics I write about. Everything I write about is authentic! It’s not watered down ’cause I’m not being censored. I’ve got one blog that was recently posted about relationships gone bad and it’s called ‘WHEN I LOVE YOU’S TURN INTO FUCK YOU’S…” I’m telling you, I’m talking to anyone whose really a part of this life…

In addition to my blog, I’ve also got a weekly podcast @prisonriotradio. My podcast will be available on my website soon, but till it is you can long onto prisonriotradio‘s .com, IG, or YouTube chanel. It’s called ‘THE TRUTH.’

I’ve got 5 books published and this is an especially big year for me because I’ve got 8 more books coming out before the year’s end. The 1st one dropping is BMF. It’s an urban novel based on real events in the lives of Big Meech and Terry “Southwest T.” Two of the biggest drug dealers the U.S. has ever seen.

If you’re not familiar with my work I recommend you check out my book UNDERWORLD ZILLA. It’s really a love story about a man and a woman who met while they were both living the fast life. Since a number of prisons have banned the sale of some of my books the UNDERWORLD ZILLA series has been rebranded and is now called DEVILS AND DEMONS. It’s a 5 book series and 4 of them will be out by the end of the summer.

When you read my blogs, listen to my podcast, or sit down to read any of my books you’ll be taken into my world. I’ve been in prison for 18 years and I’ve seen it and did it all. My mission is to always keep it all the way real with my readers. I represent for the single mothers who struggle to not only provide for their children but also for that soldier on ice that they love so much. At the same time, I’m a real one whose fumbled the ball on a few occasions. I’m not gonna sit here and water down the truth about anything that pertains to life behind enemy lines.

I invite you to visit me Read my blog and check out my books. If you want to gauge my authenticity by the sound of my voice go to prisonriotradio and check out King Guru’s interview. That way you can decided for yourself if my energy is worth your time.

Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation,

that’s PEACE!

[Wilberto Belardo writes under the pen name King Guru. He is a bestselling author of books called UNDERWORLD ZILLA PRETTY GIRLS LOVE BAD BOYS: AN INMATE’S GUIDE TO GETTING GIRLS and HOW TO HUSTLE AND WIN: SEX, MONEY, MURDER EDITION. As an incarcerated author serving a sentence of life without the possibility of parole he has written a number of books with many more to come. He can be contacted through]