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“At the start of it all, I was a spoiled kid who thought she was invincible and
the coolest thing ever to hit the street. I never believed the street would hit
back and take everything from me.”
– Angalia BiancaLearn more details of Angalia’s journey to where she is today by reading her
book entitled “In Deep, How I Survived Gangs, Heroin and Prison and
Became a Chicago Violence Interrupter”.

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Angalia Bianca is just one of the many women and men out there that have a
story to tell. A story of redemption. Proving that a person can change, a person
can have many chapters in their life and their past doesn’t define who they are
today.She is now a violence interrupter and an avid advocate for prison reform. Her story is a testimony that people can change. That is why we will feature her as the cover story on Inside and Outside Designed Conviction the Magazine, April 2021.

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