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Garrick Hastings

Truly- If a picture is worth a thousand words- then I will let my art speak in my behalf. Different, Genuine, Positive and Strong. Try me. -Garrick Garrick Hastings #1895128 McLonnell 3001 S. Emily Dr. Beeville, TX 78102

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Adam Baumann

I want to thank all of you for your support of Designed Conviction. Our vast prison population in the USA greatly needs organizations like this one to aid us in correcting our mindsets, and the promotion of self-expression through our art is one of the best ways to do...

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Brittany Wiest

Hello. My name is Brittany Marie Wiest, born May 31st of 1993, mother of 3 and sister of 6. Since I can remember I loved all things art, whether it be words of poetry and song, or lines that work together to form our innermost feelings. I hope that I can offer you a...

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Letter from the Editor

Hello and welcome friends and family. Thank you for joining us in another edition of Designed Conviction the Magazine. This is a milestone for our 12th quarterly issue, making it three years and running. Thank you so much for all our loyal readers and subscribers. If...

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The Things We Say

by Richard Thomas Watkins I sit daily In my little part of this world and listen to those around me who talk… and talk… and talk. . . and never say anything of substance. They share “war stories” with others of who they once were; they have no concept of what it means...

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